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Coarse Black Pepper

Introducing Herbal Choice’s 16oz Coarse Black Pepper – your passport to culinary excellence at affordable prices!

Himalayan Pink Salt

Introducing Herbal Choice’s 16oz Fine Himalayan Pink Salt – your gateway to premium quality and unbeatable value!

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Tri-Color Quinoa Coming Soon!

Client Review
"I absolutely adore Herbal Choice Fine Himalayan Salt! The purity and rich flavor it adds to my dishes are unparalleled."
Sara M.
"The Coarse Black Pepper is a game-changer in my kitchen! The bold, aromatic flavor it delivers takes my dishes to new heights.
John C.
Its delicate crystals dissolve seamlessly, imparting a subtle yet distinct flavor to my dishes. I appreciate its purity and the trace minerals it offers."
Mira M.